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Hello all!!! I said I was gonna revive this shitbox of a website three months ago and I keep saying that so I'm gonna stop making that promise lol. Anyway! I turned sixteen last month and its been pretty sweet! got a 3ds XL for the sake of modding and that has completely taken up all my time since I got it and I think that is very good for me ^w^ I've been playing a lot of warioware and animal crossing games and its been fucking awesome, not to mention my newfound obsession with flipnote and flipnote 3d, which I have used to make a few pretty okay things such as this little animation!

I have also been getting decently big in actual social life which is exciting... I'm meeting so many girls recently. It's amaing how many girls you can discover in the span of a month. One of them took me to the mall and got me a bunch of items which is sweet as hell and I need this more in my life! I'm gonna be continuing to isten to game grumps ten minute power hour episodes on repeat for the forseeable future! good to get back to you guys!

Getting a life???


So I've not been upating here real well over the last month or... I don't know. All I know is that it's been a while, hell if I want somebody to see this now i gotta go addictive websurfing like I would do last year lmao. I do miss the beauty of neocities oftentimes though. I've just been sort of busy, which is to say I made my first real life good friend that I've had in an entire year. It's a beautiful somewhat closeted trans girl who goes to my school with me, I just met her by chance and its been quite nice. She's very tall and is also fat and shows interest in nealy eveything I talk to he about. English isn't her first language apparently as she is from Mexico but hey, it makes no difference considering the fact that I've lived near the border in southwest texas my whole life lol. ehehe yea idk i just needed an excuse to talk about her. I'm no longer friendless and if this goes the way we have both been planning soon I won't be a virgin either lol...

Outside of my relationship endeavors I have been drawing a lot with pen recently, I find it really helps with my confidence. I've also been doing a shit ton of gaming, delving myself into a pokemon hyerfixation... so i guess you can say my time at home hasn't actually been as productive as the title of this entry implies but I've made great steps don't even fuck with me!!!

Oh, so I've been listening to a lot of youtubers talk about args and horror shit while i play my games and I clicked on one discussing a series called "Winter of '83" and I was... shocked when I heard the name of the creator. They said it was Linkara. Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall. He's been in the back of my mind for at least 5 years now and i thought he would have stopped uploading by now. My father (the worst piece of shit to ever walk this planet) used to be an avid watcher of his shows and so I went onto his channel full of nostalgia and honestly a great deal of fear and clicked on his very recent remembrance of the daleks video (amazing vid check it out) and I sat through the whole thing silently waiting for him to say soething terrible that would be in line with my father's beliefs but... it never happened? In fact in his video he made it clear that he was very anti-nazi and produces transgender merchandise cheerfully.

that mixed with his absolutely delightful personality brought me to tears because I... just wasn't expecting good from that point in my life. some time went on and I couldn't shake the feeling and I sent him an impassioned letter of sorts in his tumblr askbox, which is active. That was about a week ago and I have yet to recieve an answer but I don't know. It means a lot to me though so I had to let him know. He answers his asks at least weekly so chances are he may have seen it but... It doesn't really matter. what matters to me is the genuine impact that he had on me and continues to have. Figures from my life just keep popping up in better and better ways and I feel like I'm finally being rewarded in this life and I don't know why. Everything is looking up.

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