Lonely and Desperate

School starts in two days and i don't know how ready I am. I desperately need to go back in amongst the living because I am ungodly amounts of lonely but what if I'm not prepared? Honestly i don't care about being prepared anymore. i just need somebody. I've spent too long alone so I need to be social this year, i don't have any other choice. My body is starved of any sort of human attention. I spent last night sobbing about it. That's difficult for me to do. That just shows how long it's been. I need to be a teenager beore I lose the chance. i already wasted a full year and i can't afford to waste even one more. I know people like me were made for college rather than highschool but i need to have some sort of non pathetic experience here, right? Just need somebody to hold me and touch me, is that so wrong? get me a coin operated boy cuz I can't make it here on my own for much longer.

In other news I'm making steady progress on my bugsnax fanfic. It makes me feel less lonely. Chapter three should be out in at most a week. It mostly consists of a heart to heart negotiation. Also transgenderism! Good stuff. also! i finally got a beta reader for it. He doesn't know shit about bugsnax but he likes the writing. Good things come from me talking to my mutuals who like making dick jokes i suppose ehhehehe. Oh! the new episode of bigtop burger came out and I cried about it! It's so good,,,,, oh steve,,,,, anyway im gonna fuck that clown i dont even care.

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