Why does this page exist??

So I, Batthew, have decided to start attempting to make music though I have little to no experience at all but like screw music theory! I can figure it out, right? I began learning to use jummbox on the first day of 2023 and I have been trying to write a full lyrical song for a few years now lol. consider me a passive beginner but I really want to get this done! I have plans to release a cover album one day to test my skills! maybe i can even come up with a cool band name....


Spookster - My second attempt at a tune and probably my favorite as of the time I am writing this! it has a pretty spooky vibe to it and listening to it on repeat makes me feel like I'm in a video game! somebody told me it sounds like a meltdown at a nuclear powerplant :3

Kinda fucks - This one ellicits a pretty similar emotion to spookster, sounding like it would be part of the same general scene. I think it kinda fucks.

dear god i swear im trying - I kind of hate this one. It stands as proof that maybe I do need to understand music theory to be successful. I mean it isn't too horrible. I like the crunch it has. This was an attempt to understand drums.