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This website is a big work in progress and some elements may not work properly yet!

This website belongs to the Bat (me!) and I will use my silly claws to code a funny website ^w^

This website holds my many creations, interests, and thoughts that I may have over the course of its lifetime, which is indefinite. What is definite is that I don't want any TERFs or proshipper fucks on my site and this is not the place for you if you fall into that category! anyway many of the things here will reek of being created by a cringey queer teenager, which I am :3

if you for some reason need to contact me I can easily be reached at !! X3

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Song of the week!

takes me way back. i feel like im starting over again when i listen to it and in a way I really am. I'm like the not evil version of the one that raised me. My younger siblings look up to me so much and I don't think I could be more proud. The 11 year old requested I play this the other day and it made me remember when I would do the same thing. It's strange. there's just admiration, no fear. It's hard to believe I became a good role model. everything is happening again but this time I can tell its for the better. I love those kids so much.

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