About the Bat!

Me!!! (the bat)

Welcome to the introduction page for the webmaster! or should i say cavemaster? Anyway the name's Batthew and it may seem clear but im just some autistic teen having fun on the internet! My pronouns are essentially anything other than she and i can be identified with literally any good faith queer label!

Please interact if you are:

A dyke

A fag

A freak by the standards of society

Here for a good time

Looking to make the world a little better!! :3



Interact with infighting in the queer community or think a queer person needs to "make sense" or "be valid"

Glorify unhealthy and/or toxic shit (proana, pro/comship, MAP, zoo, that type of shit, like go get therapy and/or go fuck yourself just stay away from me)

Believe in "cringe culture"

Are a government bootlicker

Are a debby downer

Are mean on the internet or real life!!!

Things I work on!

I spend most of my time drawing and making up stories about my own characters and most of my art revolves around that! occasionally I write about them and soooooometimes i write fanfiction but very rarely do i ever finish it lolll. Im also looking into writing music and mayhaps producing it although I do not understand even the basics of music theory. Regardless of my skill level I'm sure that my huge ego and audacity will carry me through any project!

Oh I'm also a stage actor! the audience adores me :3

The audience has and will always adore me.

Media I enjoy!!!!! (in no particular order)

Games: Bugsnax, Octodad, The Sims, Unpacking, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Wariowareee, Pokemons

Shows: Invader Zim, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Delicious in Dungeon, Home Movies, Bigtop Burger

Music: Cheekface, Johnathan Coulton, Will Wood, Lemon Demon, They Might be Giants, Ramshackle Glory, Talkshow Boy, The Front Bottoms, Bowling For Soup, Blink182, The entirety of the Be More Chill original cast recording, showtunes tbh

Please note that I especially love media in physical forms like cds and vinyls and dvds and i desperately want to collect physical media so if u have anything to say about physical media plllleaaaase tell meee!

meowmeow :3