HTML color codes - a must have for web design! gives u ur hex codes and stuff

Picasion glitter maker - MY BEST FRIEND!! i use the glitter texts i make with this on almost every single 1 of my pages!

Cool Text Graphics - cool image fonts :3

Dither Me This - good 4 if u want 2 give ur images a very specific pixelated look!

Contrast Checker - great accesibility tool 4 when u are designing ur site

SCM Music Player - seamless music player I use on this site!

Sadgrl's webmastery links - a bunch of really good links for making your website! would recommend checking out more of sadgrl's stuff :3

Catbox - a great free file hosting site


Transing the Internet Discord Server - my favorite discord server that is was attached to the transing the internet webring which is currently down lolz but u can still join the discord if ur a trans webmaster!

Tetris - You can play tetris in your web browser! this is my go-to cure for boredom lmao)