Lover of many, Adola

FULL NAME: Adola Latrodectus

AGE: Around 42 years by human standards

TYPE: Spider and Porcelain (Doll varient) mix

GENDER: Transgender woman


LIKES: Quiet days in, Her family, Tea with just a little bit of sugar, Fresh Meat, Arguing with Her neighbors over whose life is better, Cats, Her son's friends, Almost anything that happens to be on TV when she turns it on, Comfortable yet stylish clothes typically in dark colors

ASSOCIATIONS: Nix Latrodectus (Husband), Spark Latrodectus (husband), Tristan Latrodectus (Son)


Adola is the knot that keeps the house of Latrodectus comfortably tight, Her sweet yet dominating personality easily shows Her clear role as the head of the home. No matter how many snide remarks she makes she may love you and no matter how many compliments she throws your way she may hate you. She is an enigma in this way but to know if she really cares, just ask. She will always answer this question honestly. She works hard every day to make this house a home and she loves all of her family, no matter if they are alive, dead, or quadpedal!

Quote: "They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend but honestly I'm partial to rubies, myself!"


Do you ever think about going back?