Fucking Legit Cheekface Finds!!

okokok so i found some awesome fucking legit Cheekface live show clips off of this youtube channel with 4 subscribers lolz! this channel seems to take a lot of videos of live shows that they go to see and god do I appreciate those type of people. I found one of the videos because it was in my youtube recommended and the like count was below the double digits and had two comments. like, what are even the chances!!! im so fucking lucky i swear to god dude. I never find stuff like this for obscure bands like this and just casually finding an obscure youtube channel with live footage makes me soooo fucking happy. When I found this i got so excited i had to pace around my bedroom and make noises and stim for so long that i started coughing until my throat was raw and i got super nauseous! i havent been that happy about something in months, maybe even years! Man, i just love cheekface as a band! I love the monotone speak-singing. I love the simplistic instrumentals. I love how it is conventionally bad music!!! I am so so hungry for conventionally bad music all the time! It's for my stupid little brain. My sibling keeps calling me a pretentious hipster and damn I just might be if i'm totally honest!!! god I don't even know what else to say this is just so fucking legit! I love shitty little niche bands! I love bad music! I love silly things that make me happy like this! God im such a silly guy right now.

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