oh nooooooozzzzz im siiicicccckkkk!!!! I've been sick all week and I haven't been to skool at all!! it's kinda nice cuz i get to stay home but im dying over here dawg!! the bright side of this has been talking to my friend moook almost every day! he is such a cool fun guy and i get to be a silly little cringe guy when i chat wif him ^w^ i have had a really good big cd player in my room the whole time i have lived her and i havent used it since before my dad left!! that means its been at least 3 years!! so it is so so dusty and it makes suuucchhh weird noises when u turn it on and opening the disk drive is funky and it makes bad noises. i believe that it works just fine but it needs a deep cleaning which my mother has delegated my stepdad to do 4 me!! i really want to start collecting cds again because i need more physical media in my house and it is easier to store cds!! so i looked for cd releases of some of my favorite music and i found out that cheekface doesnt have any offical cds!!! like??? they have vinyl records but no cds???? like i dont even have anything with a disc drive so i cant even burn cds for myself and this just makes me so upset man cuz i wanna have cheekface cds soooo baddddd 3: so yea anyway i just wanna start my cd collection so very bad!! man talking to friends really gives u a lot of ideas for your stories and characters becuz u have somebudy to bounce ideas back and forth with and give u feedback and motivation.... i think i missed enjoying talking to friends. having just 1 good friend is enough i think. shoutout to moookar my homedawg ^w^

anyway take my kool doodles 4 this week!!

basically everyhting ive been drawing has been my 3 main teen monster ocs, joey, tristan, and mindy!! the outliers are funky little self portraits! :3

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